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Most entrepreneurs & companies fail not because they can’t build products, identify markets, or price their products properly, but because they can’t sell their product and run out of money before they get traction.

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Message & Offer

The #1 mistake we see with clients is trying to build a team with poor sales foundations. Two keys to a solid foundation? 1) Messaging 2) Sales Argument. Messaging means a validated offer and repeatable sales process. A winning Sales Argument is what separates the “nice to have” products and services from the rockstars. This is what attracts A-Players and makes it possible for your sales team to WIN big. 

Recruiting & Hiring

Hiring with a system instead of hoping your newly hired sales team will figure it out or build it for you is the secret to avoiding poor sales results and maintaining high employee retention. We help you build out the entire sales and recruiting process to vet top-tier potential recruits for you before you even interview them. Then we help you build out a candidate assembly line by developing your own pipeline of potential candidates (and keep it flowing 24/7.) 

Ramp Up Training

The biggest risk in hiring salespeople? The dreaded “ramp-time” otherwise known as how long it takes a new team member to go from zero to actually making money. The opportunity cost of having someone stuck in sales purgatory is huge and is sadly “the norm” for most companies today. Most companies just don’t know how to on-ramp sales reps effectively, profitably, and quickly. Our process downloads everything you need to know from what — blueprinted directly from what I learned growing a team of 5 to 75 in just 14 short months.

Systems & Management

Hoping salespeople will just follow the system you establish with no oversight or management is a recipe for disaster. We’ll not only build out the management systems and processes, we’ll also show you or your team the secrets of managing a highly profitable and successful sales team. Morning kick-offs, end-of-day check-ins, tracking dashboards, call listening, etc. Creating a culture of success where people WANT to stick around. This is how you scale to high 7-figure or even 8-figure sales.

“I help Entrepreneurs and Sales Leaders start lead-generating and deal-closing powerhouse teams that allow them to build a business that generates RESULTS in sales.” 




The Problem With Sales 

(And how you can overcome it…)

There’s a realization that every entrepreneur knows, but doesn’t want to admit…

It’s not about knowledge, it’s about execution.

It’s not about product, it’s about the sales and marketing of that product. 

Everyone wants to believe that there product, SaaS or widget is special and that people would get it…

It would sell itself they told themselves…

We want to believe if it’s fun, or different people would consume it…

We wanted to believe if we made our product truly world-class, it would not fail…

But people do fail. Better products fail all the time. 

And it’s not their fault. (It’s not yours, either.)

Here’s why…

You’re being fed a terrible lie that if you just add a few more features, or get one #influencer to like your product all of your sales troubles and money troubles will be solved…

Or worse maybe you’re bouncing from one guru or marketing hacker to the next, looking for that one key that’s going to unlock massive hockey stick like growth.

The Hidden Cost of “Sales Hopping”

Let me ask you a question (or 3)…

How much time did you spend on getting the color of the icons on your SaaS product just right over the past year? 

How many hours has your development team, product designers, and leadership spent trying to optimize your application in the hopes that your just a few more product releases away from being on the cover of Inc.?

How many times have you read Zero to One, or The Lean Start-Up, only to spend most of your time on product and little to know time on sales or marketing?

Do you have pages of notes do you have collecting “digital dust” and haven’t been looked at since the day you took them?

How many appointments over this past month have you generated that were your ideal prospect, and one that could actually pay you for your work, not just partner?

And most importantly, how much focus have they taken away from your day-to-day business leaving you spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast?

After years spent in this industry, we’ve realized there’s really only two types of businesses that get results. 

The Tale Of 3 Companies

First, is the revolutionary technology. Think Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Google, or Twitter. These products didn’t need to be sold in the beginning. They solved a giant unmet, unknown need in the economy and were handsomely rewarded for it. 

This is not your product. You are not that founder.  

Second, is the company that has a spark, there’s something there, but you don’t know what to do next. Maybe you’ve grown, maybe you’ve even raised a round or two, but consistent growth has eluded you thus far. You know you’re just a bad quarter away from your investors asking some uncomfortable questions, and wondering if you’ll have to go back to the drawing board. 

Lastly, there are companies that lack all product features, have an inferior product, lack product sophistication, and have zero MBA’s from the prestigious schools…Yet, even with all of this headwind their product sells. They make obscene amounts of money, don’t have to be at the whim of investors, and build a business that is entirely theres. 

What separates these three?

Our last founder focuses on sales, while our second founder thinks the company and product will sell itself. They spend to much time on product, and not enough on building a repeatable sales machine. 

As humans we hardwired to focus on what we’re good at and avoid doing what’s new and difficult. Learning an entirely new skill could have had a serious impact on lifespan in the savannah, so naturally we focused on what we were good at. 

Fast forward a few thousands years and that’s why product focused founders focus on product and neglect the difficult work of marketing and selling their work.

How to Solve

Why do most people hire Sherpas when they climb Everest?

Not only do Sherpa’s carry oxygen bottles, water, and food…they are responsible for two of the most important aspects of a successful climb – navigation and highly technical climbing skills.

They serve as guide, porter, butler, motivational coach, and a lifeguard all at the same time.

In other words, they need someone who’s been there before who can show them they way and lead them to success.

From LeBron James & Michael Jordan to Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, the best of the best have a coach and guide. 

This is where we come in…

Here’s how we help companies just like your’s…

  1. IDENTIFY THE CONSTRAINT – Every sales and marketing team has a constraint. We’ve worked with over 30+ businesses now in several industries, so chances are the constraint’s your sales team is experiencing is something we’ve already seen and solved. 
  2. EVALUATE THE MESSAGE & OFFER – It’s not always the product’s fault, but could be how it’s being offered to your prospects. We’ll help you understand if your current offer and messaging to gain clarity on how customers are acquired and how your business can grow. You’ll see EXACTLY where the bottlenecks are in your marketing and figure out how to clarify your messaging.
  3. BUILD THE SYSTEM – Regardless of what your current sales team is telling you, sales can be systematized. We’ll design a custom sales funnel that focuses books your sale’s team calendar solid, and delivers new business on repeat. From prospecting, discovery and pitch, your team will have an optimized process that delivers. 
  4. BUILD YOUR TEAM – Build a highly profitable sales team of setters and closers running a sales system that works on autopilot so that you can focus on growing your business at the pace you want…and that’s exactly what you’ll have in 90-days or less.

This is not a course or guide. To make the impact you’re looking for you need a partner that’s willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work for you. 

That’s exactly what we do. That’s exactly how we’ve achieved results for Inc. 5000 award winners and some of the fastest growing companies in the United States and Europe. 

We have the frameworks and expertise to supercharge your sales funnel in just a few months. By using SalesKit’s unique approach to sales you will be able to build a custom, scalable “sales machine”, break through YOUR specific barriers…and, most importantly, DOUBLE your sales.

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— SalesKit Case Study —

A systematized sales process and sales playbook. 37% increase in sales growth YOY. Acquired by private equity.

“As founder of OTech, I historically did sales, customer support, accounting, strategy, and pretty much everything else except programming. As we grew, I realized we needed professional and focused sales assistance because I wasn’t a natural salesman or sales leader. Mark did an excellent job helping scale our team and sales pre-acquisition.


— SalesKit Case Study —

How we helped this Inc 5000 company book 144 meetings within one week and go from founder led sales to a highly productive sales team.

“Our business has fundamentally improved. We moved from an expensive ad-driven acquisition model to a lead generation business that’s able to scale and close leads because of SalesKit’s work. This has really been a great collaborative relationship.”


— SalesKit Case Study —

How we helped this company go from $0 in a new market to $300K+ in 90 days.

“We added 20 salespeople this past year at our existing locations that were able to add value from the day they graduated their probationary period. Previously we did training by osmosis, and it took months to get a salesperson up to speed, if at all. Now we’re doing it in a matter of weeks. It’s had a huge impact on our bottom-line.”


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